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Chroma-Notes™ Composer -
Music Composition / Education Software

This revolutionary software program makes it easy to compose your own music, as well as learn about how music notation works, through the use of “virtual” Boomwhackers® Musical Tubes and keyboards combined with Chroma-Notes™ color coding for the musical score.

The playful animations of the instruments make the program fun to use as well as easy and educational. In addition to its unique features, Chroma-Notes Composer has many of the music notation capabilities of much more expensive music notation programs. Learn More...

A Video Intro to the Company and the Software:

A New Era in Learning and Composing Music!


The use of color greatly facilitates learning music notation and has been used for decades. Chroma-Notes LLC is vastly expanding this concept through two key products: the Chroma-Notes Composer software (partial screen image directly above) and the Chroma-Notes Stick-Ons removable colored stickers. The software is described briefly in the Coming Soon section above and in more detail on the Products page. The Chroma-Notes Stick-Ons are described briefly below and in more detail on the Products page.

In addition to making it easy to learn to read music, the Composer software also makes it possible to create an enormous library of Chroma-Notes colored music through personal songwriting and importing MIDI files of existing music. The Stick-Ons make it possible to color-code a wide variety of instruments that can then be more easily played using the colored music created using the software, along with existing Chroma-Notes colored instruments like the tubes and similarly colored handbells from Rhythm Band Instruments. All these products work together to create a powerful synergy for learning and composing music and playing it with a wide range of musical instruments.

Chroma-Notes™ Stick-Ons


Chroma-Notes™ Stick-Ons are removable stickers colored to the Chroma-Notes color scheme for color-coding existing instruments such as pianos, xylophones, melodicas, etc., to enable the instruments to be more easily played using colored music from the Chroma-Notes Composer software.

Also conceived and designed by Craig Ramsell, the Stick-Ons vastly increase the number of instruments that can benefit from having the colored musical scores created using the software. The package contains 500 stickers and the suggested retail is only $9.98! They are available through Rhythm Band Instruments.