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Colored Music System

The Chroma-Notes Colored Music System was born during in the process of designing the look of Boomwhackers Tubes. Although the basic system had been proposed in the past, no one was actually using it on instruments or in music notation when Craig was developing the tubes in the mid-1990's. This system works with the basic color wheel which is created from the three primary colors: red, yellow and blue. Mix them to get the three colors in between - orange, green and violet - and you have 6 colors. Mix them again to get the in-between colors - red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, etc. - and the result is 12 colors, exactly the number of notes in a chromatic scale.

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Removable Colored Stickers

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Chroma-Notes™ Stick-Ons are removable stickers colored to the Chroma-Notes color scheme for color-coding existing instruments such as pianos, xylophones, melodicas, etc., to enable the instruments to be more easily played using colored music charts.

The Stick-Ons vastly increase the number of instruments that can benefit from having the colored musical scores. The package contains 500 stickers and the suggested retail is only $10.95! They are available through Rhythm Band Instruments.


Because this was all being developed simultaneously with finalizing the design of the Boomwhackers® Musical Tubes and Craig wanted to use black and white labels to differentiate the diatonic notes from the chromatics (sharps/flats) like on a piano. He had the choice of having a hard-to-read white color on a yellow tube (the E note) or a hard-to-read black color on an indigo (a blue-violet color) tube (which is the A note). He chose to reverse the scheme on the piano and put black labels on the diatonic tubes and white labels on the chromatics. That made it easy to read the label on the yellow tube, but it was then necessary to make the A tube a lighter color than what a true indigo color would be. That also necessitated making the violet color tube (A#/Bb) a lighter color, which is more purple than violet, just so that the colors would be more distinct. The end result along with the other 10 colors is the Chroma-Notes Color Scheme, can be summarized like this:

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